Astrology is my Lifeline - Deepak Pahwa. I love to help people through astrology by giving them lal Kitab / Red Book remedies.

When a person don't find any solution he/she start looking for astrological solutions. Astrology has the solution to all problems. We ahave started our free horoscope reading services on Phone to spread our study to far off places.

We suggest you to keep with you your date of birth, time of birth and your city while calling. We have the solution to your problems if you don't have your birth details.

Free astrology on phone is the best way to spread the benefits of Indian Astrology not only in India but to all around the world.

Does the time you are born affect your destiny? 
The planetary positions at the time of birth lay our destiny path, where and when we are likely to meet challenges, joys and happiness. Our birth time is actually the starting time of our journey on this earth, and is therefore important. The time of events (mahuratha) for the start of a journey, marriage, change of house or even a launch of a satellite becomes the birth time of that event. Planetary positions at the time of birth will reflect its course, progress, success or failure. Even Ved Vyas, the author of the ancient Vedas, was born at a time predetermined as auspicious by his father, the sage Parashar. However, even twins don't have identical lives, simply because no two people have the same lines on their palms.
Are there some astrology streams that are more effective than others?
All astrological streams are self-sufficient and complete. Being older than history, astrology has suffered repeated attacks. Some ancient scriptures have been destroyed or taken away by invaders, but it is for the new generation of astrologers to try and fill these gaps. 
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