Lal Kitab vs Vedic Astrology

Lal Kitab and Vedic astrology differ on one major basis that is the kundli prepared and the postion of planets in both the kundli. Lal Kitab do not consider the planet is in which house number rather than it consider in which house it is positioned. One peculiarity of Lal Kitab is that the Rashis are not taken into account.


Lal Kitab is an amazing branch of Vedic astrology. In this branch of astrology, only nine planets, not the 27 nakshatra, have been given importance as in the Vedic astrology. Moreover, the predictions rely on the positions of the planets according to the twelve houses. However, there are differences in Lal Kitab and Vedic astrology. As far as Vedic astrology is concerned, the houses are fixed, however, the zodiac signs aren’t fixed whereas in Lal Kitab both the zodiac signs and the houses are fixed. In Vedic Astrology Rahu & Ketu can never be posited in any house not even in Varshaphal chart but in Lal Kitab Astrology it happens that Rahu & Ketu be placed in same house in Varshaphal chart. Similarly in any of the charts of Vedic Astrology Mercury & Venus can never be placed more than 90 degree orb of Sun while in Lal Kitab Varshaphal chart it can happen. There are several other differences between the two. Especially in case of certain doshas like Kal Sarpa dosha, Shani – Mangal dosha, Sade Sati etc nothing is mentioned in Lal Kitab where as in Vedic Astrology these have been given utmost importance. In Lal Kitab astrology there are many important concepts unlike traditional astrology which in case of prediction play very important role. Most striking effects are seen from the concepts e.g. dharmi teva, pakka house, masnui planet, ulti dristi, dhokha dristi, sahchari dewar aspect, takkar dristi, buniyadi dristi etc. and last but not the least is the concept of arin (debt).


Many opine that the solutions as well as the remedies given by Lal Kitab are perfect. The remedies offered by it are easy, quite reasonable and offer quick results. The effect of these is unimaginable and it’s said that these remedies are particularly suitable for fast results in Kaliyuga as the conventional methods. In this period, yagya, mantra, japa, havana etc. have become extremely difficult. The remedies are quite easy similar to throwing something in running water or establishing something in home or following some restrictions throughout life e.g. restrictions of donations.


However, you need to remember one thing that the remedies of this book can also go wrong, if not properly prescribed and performed. This is the reason one needs to be extremely careful of as and when one take shelter of Lal Kitab Consultancy. If at all you observe any negative side effects, then it’s suggested to stop performing the remedies instantly.


Usually the remedies need to be observed continuously for 43 days once you’ve started until and unless advised to perform lesser than 43 days. If at all you are not able to continue it for the mentioned time frame due to any reasons then it’s better to discontinue it for a few days and then restart the process anew and again continues uninterruptedly for 43 days. The full reward is never a certainty unless one continuously observes the prescribed remedy with complete devotion & respect.


If some rice washed with milk is kept nearby before starting the observance of the prescribed remedy then the remedy affects a certain measure or reward. One must observe that except in some rare cases most of the remedies of Lal Kitab during the day, when the sun is shining as one cannot see any effect for the remedies observed either before dawn or after sunset, besides there is also the possibility of loss.


In the states of northern and western part of India a large number of people believe in this unique method and so follow this method of Astrology. No point their growth or prosperity tells about the effectiveness of following this method.


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