Welcome to Mantraastro.com, a website for astrological and vastu solution. Deepak Pahwa, the owner who is practicing Astrology and Vaastu for the last 15 years in Ludhiana, the financial capital of Punjab in India. In Astrology he is greatly influenced by the Red book (Lal Kitab).

Why follow Vastu?

Vaastu considered the interplay of various forces of nature involving the five elements of earth, water, wind, fire and ether and strives to maintain equilibrium as these elements influence, guide and change the living styles of not only human beings but every living being on earth. Thus they influence our deeds, luck, behavior and other basics of life.

Lal Kitab?

Lal Kitab is the remarkable branch of Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology is the new name given to Hindu Astrology or Jyotisa. Lal Kitab is the Collection of the 5 books, written during the period of 1939-1952 is called Lal Kitab. Written in ancient Urdu language, first time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies. Authorship of the books seems to be disputed. The remedies suggested in Lal Kitab are electrically effective in solving all kinds of human troubles and tensions, without inflicting harm on anybody i.e. these remedies are completely self defensive against the bad effects of planets

Shani Vakri and Margi Timings
Saturn becomes Retrograde On
March 25, 2016 (Friday) at 15:45
Saturn becomes Progressive On
August 13, 2016 (Saturday) at 15:37
Total Retrograde days = 141 Days

About Lal kitab

Lal kitab is a set of 5 books written on Indian astrology in Urdu language. Its authurship is in debate however Roop Chand Joshi of Punjab, authored the present version of book available.

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शनि के उपाय लाल किताब से

शनि को मंद गति से चलने वाला क्रूर ग्रह माना जाता है. शनि नीच कर्म का और परिश्रम का स्वामी होता है.लाल किताब (Lalkitab) शनि को कर्मों के अनुसार पाप पुण्य का लेखा जोखा करने वाला ग्रह मानता है.

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